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Sod Installation/New Grass


New Grass

We have several options of the best grass to be install in your lawn:

     -Saint Augustine Grass

     -Bermuda Grass

     -Celebration Bermuda

     -Tifway 419 Bermuda

     -Tiftuf Bermuda

St. Augustine Grass

This grass is available as sod only and doesn’t grow well in the cold.

It’s pest resistant and can grow in shady conditions. It also requires a minimum amount of maintenance. Supplemental watering is required in periods of drought.

Common Bermuda Grass

This grass is popular for sunny areas and thrives in hot Texas summers. Mowing, fertilization and some supplemental watering during periods of drought will keep it lush throughout the growing season. This kind of grass will be dormant during the winter season.

Hybrid Bermuda Grass

These varieties are low-growing, rapid spreading and lush. Their fine texture forms a dense turf making these grasses a good choice for heavily used areas. This grass is high maintenance but are worth the effort if a golf green-type lawn is the look you want.

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