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Tree / Palm Trimming

Our crew could trim your trees, palms, bushes, plants and shrubs to keep in good shape and healthy your garden.

We have to options for the Trimming Service:


(Remove dead branches, remove broken branches, remove dangerous branches near the house or fence, clean it out and tree shaping)


(Remove dead branches and remove dangerous branches near the house or fence)

Trimming your trees and palms provide the next benefits:

* Improves the health of your tree or palm - Cutting off some of the larger branches could help the tree to get the enough nutrients from the soil and feed the complete tree.

* Get better exposure to the sunlight - The tree and the grass under it, need the sunlight to make the photosynthesis. Otherwise it will die slowly.

* Allows to detect any disease of your tree and take care of it on time.

* Reduce the damage or risk situations  - Trees close to house, fence, pools or garage could fall and damage your property. It diminishes that risk and it will be less expensive than repairs.

* Increase the value of your property -  Having a tree in good shape will improve the appearance value of your house. 

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